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An Outline of Ariadne..
A program that allows us to collect random bits of data and make sense out of them.
Introduces an innovative and useful way to organize notes, images and random records
Knows how to represent structured and unstructured data in unified and convenient manner
Designed to run natively on variety of platforms - Windows, OSX, Ubuntu, Android
Is actively developed, regularly updated and tested
Can work atomically with local data or synchronize to the Cloud
Stores data in standard non-proprietary database format, supported by open source community and major IT companies
Rambling on the pavement..
We can repeat after Python's followers - "there is more than one way to do it" (for Perl) is a wrong philosophy. Better is "there should be one - and preferably only one - obvious way to do it".

Ariadne 6 - Quest For Fire

  • Outliners & Organizer
  • Notes, folders, todos..
  • New interface and 3D effects
  • Now covers Windows, Unix/X.11
  • Coming soon OSX, Android, Cloud

Ariadne is a personal information manager or data organizer. And also it is specifically - an Outliner.
Wikipedia describes an outliner as a computer program that allows text to be organized into discrete sections that are related in a tree structure or hierarchy. Text may be collapsed into a node, or expanded and edited. That is basically what Ariadne is about - hierarchy of discrete notes and all kind of object that can represent different data - maybe images or structured tables, forms, collections of records etc. The most used items are probably notes and folders. Notes are HTML documents and Ariadne provides well designed HTML editor that allows creation of rich text HTML pages. And you don't need to know anything about HTML - everything is intuitive and user friendly - in "what you see is what you get" way.

A few more words about outliners in generic any why we think it's such a brilliant idea for managing data - well it's simple and very old concept - "divide and conquer" - split the flow of information into separate topics - place them in hierarchal structure. After that information becomes much more manageable, everything would start to fit into it's place. All you need is, probably, some slicing&dicing tolls and some clear views of your data, maybe sometimes different perspective, also good search and navigation control. That is all what Ariadne was designed for.

How can you use Ariadne - well, there are many practical applications. The hierarchy and it's outliner can cover pretty much everything - your short notes, reminders, todo lists, bookmarks, invoices, cover letters, articles, books - you name it.

A few words how data is being stored and synchronized in Ariadne. Starting with version 6, Ariadne will store data in SQL database, usually it is SQLite - an Open Source DB, pretty popular today (and very robust and powerful too). The program will run one instance of database per installation. Normally, when installed with default SQlite database you don't need to manage database itself - everything will be provided by Ariadne. The synchronization of data is another interesting feature that we believe will have it's value for Android and other mobile users and for distributed data processing. Right now the synchronization feature is experimentation but once it's finished the user, if choosed so, will be able to synchronize data with cloud servers and desktops, share data betweet different desktops etc.

Enjoy Ariadne and let us know what you think about it.

Tools used to create Ariadne: Emacs Ubuntu

The name and idea of creating new version of the program was inspired by "Quest for Fire" - a 1981 film adaptation of the 1911 Belgian novel by J.-H. Rosny (1856.1940).

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