Tips about WindowsTiler
  • Move mouse to the border of screen to switch to the next virtual desktop.
  • Press Tray icon button, select VD button, and then drag windows thumbnails to another virtual desktop.
  • To run WindowsTiler on start of your Windows session copy WindowsTiler icon and paste shortcut into folder "Startup".

Windows Tiler

A Windows OS utility that combines 4 monitors in one screen.
  • 4 virtual Desktops
  • Intuitive non-click way to switch between desktops
  • Instant reposition of the popup windows in non-cluttered arrangements
  • Drag and Drop windows between desktops
Have you tried 2 monitors? If not yet you are missing a lot. It is convenient to browse code in one screen and watch debug window in another or read news and see stock prices jumping up and down at the same time without having to press the buttons and move windows around. The only thing, besides price, that I don't like about multiple monitor systems is the fact that you have to move your head sometimes to switch from one to another. Two 19" monitors take space on my table that is fine, they just look good, but my eyes cannot grasp both of them at the same time, very often I have to adjust my chair to focus on different monitor. Wouldn't be cool to combine both of them in one space and have same quick way to see one or another or both? I am glad you asked :) See what WindowsTiler can do without extra video card, expensive monitors and set of drivers. Do you like clattered papers on your table? My little daughter does like it actually; don't know why but that is another story. The fact is, that people always put papers in folders, books, boxes, little boxes, you name it. How about popup windows on the screen? I mean you can move them anywhere you want just like paper on the desk. But why you take staples and click sheets together? You know why - just to keep them in one place, have them organized. Click and conquer. And windows? Wouldn’t it be nice to glue together related windows like small text boxes or pictures? Or better have them occupy available space on the screen in a non-cluttered way. Well it is not always possible but in many practical cases could be very handy. One little program in 200K knows how to do it. It can tile desktop with popup windows and even reshape tiled space dynamically, we call it WindowsTiler.

If we looked at the inner data organization of WindowsTiler and if we want to be laconic about it we can say that WindowsTiler was designed to maintain overlapped windows layers of the virtual grids that are built inside independent virtual desktops. The purpose of such organization is to get structured view of the opened windows that can be resized according to the table rules so that structure of the table layout will remain unchanged. There are couple of dozen possible layout model to choose from and the set of the available model depends only on the number of the opened windows.

WindowsTiler shares system tray with other programs that resides in memory. After installing application you will see icon of the program and 4 buttons one for each virtual desktop. Buttons are for switching between desktops and program icon is for mapping desktops into table and managing overlapped windows. If you move mouse to the program icon or click on it with the left button a map of 4 virtual desktops will popup. When you have some windows opened WindowsTiler will assign all of them to the first virtual desktop. Later as you activate different desktops and open new windows they get assigned to currently selected desktop.

Tiling and table-layout features come into play when you want to arrange some popup windows. For example 2 notepad application and 1 Paintbrush can be arranged like this

  or like this  

To achieve desired arrangement click on WindowsTiler icon and select model from the row of the available models. Now as layout it selected it will be maintained during windows movement or resizing. Try to resize some windows when layout is active – you will see proper adjustment of all popup windows so that no overlapping will occur and all space available will be optimally used (covered by tiled windows). When you do want overlapped windows just select “Release Arrangement”. Try open different number of windows – 4,5,6,7 notepads for example and compare available layout models for each number. All model are designed to optimize usage of the screen space.

Virtual Desktops Map - Windows Tiler can display all 4 virtual desktops in one view mapping all the windows assigned to each desktop. You can easily rearrange windows and reassign them to different desktops simply by dragging images with the mouse.

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PAD of WindowsTiler (an XML file that containes description of the program)
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